Come in today and with as little as $20 down we can set you up with the tires and rims youre looking for. Free installation , free balancing , free rotation and even free replacements for certain damages. We have all kinds of sizes and styles to fit your needs we have 16's all the way up to 37 in mudding tires and bigger !
Dart iron eagle block, scat crank and rods, Ross pistons 12.5-1 Trick Flor R series heads, comp cams just under 700 lift solid roller, new valve springs and seals, super victor intake, brand new NOS fogger, CVR electric water pump, super damper balancer, complete intake to pan minus carb. Bought engine 7 years ago from racing junk minus the fogger. Engine has never been sprayed, all nitrous is ...
5/18/18 - 620 Dyno Engine - We have one of our standard 620 engines, with ProMax heads for sale, includes free dyno tests, carb, and valve covers, save over $1500. View engine description www.ohiocrank.com. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 (937) 548-7113
These are JE/SRP brand new pistons that have sat on the shelf, some packaging a little soiled, finger prints, etc. 258236 BBC 598 4.6x4.5 42cc dome $650 232453 Mopar 499 4.375x4.15 -30cc $678 279586 LS 408 4x4 w/rings -5cc $552 SRP Professional 257665 Ford 520 4.39x4.3 -5cc $582. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 (937) 548-7113
Set of GRP premium 6.385" BBC rods, appearance and measure perfect. 5 days inspect and return. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 (937) 548-7113
438 LS Next Pump Gas Engine Price DYNOED AT: 665 horsepower Current Special Dart LS Next Iron Block Dart Pro 1 LS3 280 23 bolt heads Ohio Crankshaft 4340 4.100 Crank Ohio Crankshaft H6125 Rods JE pistons and rings 10.8 compression Erson custom hyd roller cam Morel Hi RPM lifters COMP Cams adustablej rockers Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifold Quick Fuel 850 Carburetor MSD coil pack ignition ...
Brand new Motown, still in box, has a slight machining error on top rail, easily fixed with epoxy, weld, etc. 350 main, 4" bore. See picture.... Save $400 Note this is a Motown lightweight.. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 937-548-7113
I have a Dart Iron Eagle 408 stroker engine complete carb to pan. I bought the engine used off of here for 9500 and have only put approx. 100 street miles and never raced it. previous owner showed time slips in the high 9s in a 3200lb hatch. what I know for sure about engine, Dart Iron Eagle block, not sure on internals. told was all forged eagle crank and rods but never had pan off to verify. ...
All aluminun Pump Gas 540 BBC Dynoed at 750HP and 700 Torque. Complete March billet serpentine drive with alternator, AC compressor and PS pump. Very best components. BMP World Block and CNC heads Hydraulic roller SRP 10.5 Harland Sharp SFI damper Quick Fuel FX1050 MSD OC Valve covers Canton pan The perfect engine for cruising, dyno tested, ready to go. Info at [email protected]. 5453 s r 49 gr...
LIKE NEW**ONLY 8 1/8th PASSES**PAR RACING PROCHARGED 2500HP MOTOR. TWIN TO THIS MOTOR WENT A 3.92 at 188 WITH MORE LEFT IN IT. These procharged motors are the best, most efficient, to go fast, with the least amount of maintenance motors ever. We have 5 of them. This motor is designed for a door car but can run in a dragster. Pick your HP by changing the gear set, 2100hp. 2300hp, 2500hp. Twin to...
Got 3 235/60r17 50.00 then 1 brand new 235/65r18 25.00 then 1 225/60r16 20.00.the used tires have good tread enough get you to winter easily...
4340 BBC 454x4375 used 10/10 $395 Billet BBC 454x4.5 Blem 10/Std $795 4340 SBC 350/3.75 Blem 10/10 $395 Cast Pont 455x4.25 Blem 10/10 $195 4340 Pont 400/4.21 Blem 10/Std 495 4340 Ford 302/3.4 Blem 10/10 395 (Rods 2.1" w/ Ford width). 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 937-548-7113
Up for sale is this gear set. Its a richmond 4:56 gear set with the smaller 28 spline pinion. In good shape. Buyer to pay shipping. sc3199. Lewisburg, OH 45338 937-475-2240
Set of Crower .904 BBC lifters 066291x903H Slightly used, excellent appearance. Center pushrod.. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 937-548-7113
Used Mallory 250 pro comp pump. Works fine just too small for my current setup. $125 obo plus shipping. sc3199. Lewisburg, OH 45338 937-475-2240
Fit Anglia spindle with Goodyear front runners 25 x 4.5 real good condition. carla572. Arcanum, OH 45304 (937) 974-5155
* Cleaning * Fluxing * Stroking * Welding Journals * Welding Snouts * Welding Thrusts * Offset Grinds * Heat Treating * Counterweight Mods * Micro Polishing * Balancing 40 Years Experience. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 937-548-7113
We are overstocked on Nodular 455 Pontiac cranks. They are 455 main with 4.210" stroke. A 455 replacement crank. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 937-548-7113
Body Type: Coupe, Engine: 2.7, Transmission: Auto, Fuel: Gasoline, Color: Black
One of the largest inventories in the country DART WORLD BMP BRODIX GM OEM Available in the box or fully CNC machined ready to assemble. 5453 s r 49 greenville, OH 45331 (937) 548-7113 937-548-7113
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